Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Musings on the Creator in Me

Encouraging Thankfulness

This week's theme at HSB is "Encouraging Thankfulness" -- a good thing to do at any time of year, but especially so as we're in between the Canadian and American Thanksgiving celebrations, heading into the Christmas season -- a time when many of us take so much for granted.

What I thought I would do is share with you a few links I have come across that inspire a creative approach to a thankful heart.

The first is a squidoo link to what is labeled a Thanksgiving lapbook, but is actually so much more! You will find an abundance of ideas and inspiration there!

Another squidoo link gives plenty of ideas about how to have thankful children.

Christianity Today's website offers 13 ways to encourage gratefulness.

How about a B Thankful facebook group?

I've noticed a number people participating in the 2010 Gratitude Challenge at Brenda Emmett's Garden of Learning, which is such a great idea!

This article at Radical Womanhood talks about training our minds for gratitude.

Bethany at Heart of the Matter {online} talks about the importance of thank-you notes.

Ann Voskamp of Holy Experience will inspire you with her collection of posts about gratitude.

What are some ways that you and your family encourage a thankful attitude?

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