Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art Every Day Month

Today began with DS11 rising early because he wanted to make breakfast in bed for his sister, DD8, who had been sick the night before. How sweet is that? Usually I have to drag this guy out of bed! I wish I'd thought to take a picture of the tray he set. (Never mind that the food was cold and soggy before DD8 even awoke; his heart was sure in the right place.)

I did have the camera handy when DD8 made a "cucumber flower" at lunch time and said I had to take a picture of it and post it on my blog ;)

For me, the day was a challenge in terms of finding time to create visual art, but I did manage to get a review written, so I think that counts ;) I also took a few (rather boring) pictures of some dead flowers that somehow attracted me on our Morning Glories Walk:

I decided to play a bit with the one above, but only spent a few minutes with the basic editing software that came with my computer:

I feel like it could become something interesting and fun, but I'm just not sure what to do with it next. Any suggestions?

Have you done any "playing" with anything artsy lately?


  1. I really like these photos. The last one would make a great background for a scrapbook page or art journal page. And what a lovely man you are bringing up! Breakfast in bed for his sister!!

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and the kind words. I think the subscribe function came straight from a gadget through blogger. I have no idea if it even works... You'll have to let me know! :-) And the scrolling verse was some html code I found somewhere and put in an html gadget. If you'd like you can email me at


    and I'll send you the code and directions.

    Glad to have found you, too, via AEDM! Blessings! B.

  2. Thank you, B :) I'll be sending you an email soon:)

  3. I agree with the other B, that last image would be great to use on a journal page or something like that. Isn't it amazing what great pieces of art we can make out of boring things like dead flowers?

  4. I love "dead" flowers for their shapes and textures. I also like the idea of using the image as a background. Could be fun printed on fabric, too.

  5. A background is an excellent idea, thank you, ladies! Now, Anne -- how would I go about printing it on fabric? Do you mean making an iron-on kind of thing, or do you mean printing directly on fabric? After much aggravation, I did manage to print a picture on canvas for another project, but I don't know if I could put a thinner fabric through my printer.

  6. Yes, I like the idea of playing with it in a journal. Great image!

  7. The cucumber flower is sweet! How cute that she said you had to post it on your blog:) I'm really attracted to dead flowers, especially anything with pods.

  8. Thank you so much for visiting, Leah and Bobbi -- and for your encouraging words:)


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