Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Every Day - Day 2

I wasn't sure I'd get much art work done today, so when we went for our Morning Glories Walk this morning, I took along the camera thinking I might work on the fine art of photography while we were out and about on a beautiful day.

As you can see, I've still got trees on my mind . . .

There just seemed to be so much colour and texture concentrated in this one spot:

I've gone back to using our old camera, with which I find it much easier to take pix with a focal point and a blurred background. Here are a few things that just caught my eye:

This evening I had a chance to just sit and chat with DD13, and since it's sometimes easier to talk while your hands and eyes are occupied, we both set about using our sketch books -- she to look through old drawings, and I to try capturing a concept I'm repeatedly telling my children, and my husband reminded of me today.

I scanned this one instead of taking a picture of it, but it still turned out dingy, for which I apologize.

Any tips for my faces? They frustrate me! (But I'm not going to camp out on that frustration ;-)


  1. Lovely photos! I love to get the details and close-ups in nature too... like little small delicate moments to freeze in time!

  2. I like your art projects and the clay sculptures of the next post are really good! looking at your pictures made me wish I had time to do art each day (not that I think you sit around all day - I don't!). I suppose it's a choice. Maybe you have inspired me ... hmmm :)

  3. I'm betting you play the piano pretty much every day, Alison, right? There's your art:) But you're right -- it's a choice. I FEEL like it's the last thing I SHOULD be doing because there's so much else I COULD be doing -- and yet it's becoming a necessity in life. There is something so theraputic about creativity in any form . . .


Sincere responses . . .

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