Thursday, November 11, 2010

Art Every Day Month

I can't say that I got any art done today -- but DD13 did! She made these key chains for me:

She designed them both herself. Did you notice that the second one says, "MOM"? I love it! The other one is a gecko -- her latest passion ;)

I had hoped to do some Remembrance Day art, but since I didn't, I thought I'd post the poppies I made (tissue paper on vellum with marker details) a while ago . . .

Did any of you do any art around Remembrance Day? I'd love to see it!


  1. YES - this is fabulous...I was reminded of a Billy Collins poem - The can read it here or youtube it and see him read it:

  2. LOL -- I made a few of those lanyards myself, though not, as I remember, for my mother ;) I love that DD13's creation made you think of a poem! Thank you for the link so I could read it:)

  3. Actually, listening to BC read his poem was even better than reading it myself :)
    What a perfect accompaniment to my post, dthaase :)

  4. Aw, I love that lizard key chain!

  5. Thanks, Jehanne -- I'll pass the word along :)


Sincere responses . . .

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