Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Art Every Day Month

I mentioned that I had done another doodle while riding in the car over the weekend . . .

It's hard to draw while being bounced on a bumpy road, but I had this concept in my brain that I wanted to try on paper. So I drew and coloured the whole thing with water colour pencils while in the car, and then I painted with water and outlined in black marker when I got home:

 My drawing was inspired somewhat by an artist from the Yukon whose work I'd seen a few pieces of on the weekend. It might have been Heidi Hehn, but I'm not sure. (When I find out for sure, I'll edit this post!) What struck me about her work was the swirls and defined lines that separated colours. I'm hoping that you can see the sky, forest, and water in my piece :)

While I was applying the water to my drawing, DD8 asked if she could join me. Apparently she was inspired by my work, so this is what she created:

Have you been inspired by anyone's work lately?


  1. You are quite adventurous drawing in a bouncing car! That is so sweet that your daughter wanted to draw with you:) As for inspiration, I am daily inspired by all the folks on AEDM!

  2. I have been, too, Bobbi! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Aww, I love that your daughter was inspired by your drawing! So fun to see both pieces.

  4. Leah, I love it, too:)The cool thing is, I'm inspired by her work as well! I've looked at the work of enough collage artists to recognize the value of reclaiming that child-like abandon in just creating. Who cares if it's messy or random? -- That's part of the fun of playing with art supplies!

    I thank YOU for continuing to be an inspiration to me, too! Your ladies are always floating around in my head when I'm creating. One of these days I'll let them come out and play on paper and see what transformations take place;)

  5. The Yukon artist you mentioned, is Ted Harrison.

  6. Hmmmm -- very similar -- but I'm pretty sure it was a woman artist. Gotta find out!

    Thanks for stopping by, Pat!


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