Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Art Every Day Month

Today I decided that we would get down and dirty and do a real art activity. DS11 always enjoys working in 3D, and DD8 has been expressing an interest in papier mache, so I decided we would make use of that artist woman's great tutorial on wire framed figures. We followed that artist woman's instructions pretty exactly (except we used electrical and masking tape instead of duct tape, since I couldn't find any, perhaps because it was all used here), so I won't go into the "how's" in this post. Here is the work in progress:

 (Yes, we do have chairs -- he just chose to squat instead! LOL)

I thought I'd taken a picture of everyone's plain wire figures, but apparently I only photographed mine:

I actually considered skipping the papier mache and just using lots of fine wire to wrap the heavier wire because I like the look of the exposed metal.

But I stuck with the plan after all. Here are our figures grooving away as they dry for a few days. DD8's is on the left, mine is in the middle, and DS11's is on the right. (I didn't notice until I uploaded the photo that DD8 copied my skirt! She's too cute : ) We'll paint them another day.

I do remember now why I don't often do papier mache. Sticky!

Have you made any creative messes lately?


  1. Little fun project! I did paper mache long long time ago :-)

  2. Yes, it is fun, Pavinee :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That looks like messy fun! I love your Blog title:)

  4. Thank you, Carol -- and thanks for stopping by:)

  5. oh, these are absolutely wonderful...re-post...do come and play at Whimsical Wednesday: http://dthaase.blogspot.com/

  6. I love this action figures!

    My friend taught me this trick......
    that is less messy......


  7. What a great idea, Rebecca! I think DS12 would love the combination of modelling clay and wire armature!

  8. Hi Xinme!

    It's so great that your kids get great art classes. It's just one of the things most public school kids miss out on.

    Thanx for sharing!

  9. PS; I just tried to email you at xinme2bcreative@yahoo.com and it bounce back.

  10. Thank you, Judy. It's funny, though -- when I look at the blogs of all the awesome art teachers out there, I feel guilty that I don't do more with them!

    BTW -- your message probably bounced back because it's .ca, not .com .

    Thanks for stopping by!


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