Thursday, November 25, 2010

Art Every Day Month - sculptures

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the wire and papier mache sculptures I began with two of my DC. Well, we finished them today . . .

For some reason, it surprised me a bit that the wire rusted as the glue dried. I sort of liked the look:

But I decided to go with my original plan of painting mine black and then brushing it with a bronze glaze. Both DC thought they preferred to paint theirs with colours, so they primed their sculptures with gesso lest the rust show through the paint:

This is what I used to glaze my sculpture:

Here is DD8's finished sculpture -- though you can't really see the diamond dust she showered it with:

As he saw my sculpture progress, DS11 decided he liked the look, and went with the black and bronze:

And here is my lady. I decided she needed some celebratory ribbons to be waving as she sang her praises to the Lord:

While I kind of wish I'd covered the wire completely, I'm happy with the results of our labours!

Are there any creative endeavours of yours that you've accomplished lately that please you?


  1. This project is so cool! Love how you all achieved different looks from the same base. Very interesting to see the whole process.

  2. Thanks, Paula. Though it was messy, it was lots of fun:)


Sincere responses . . .

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