Monday, November 22, 2010

Art Every Day Month

I'm taking a break from Monday Musings on the Creator in Me today, but I thought I'd post one of the doodles I worked on in the car while traveling over the weekend:

There's another one coming, but I haven't quite finished it yet.

Have you found a way to be creative in the car??? Drawing while on the road is a bit of a challenge!


  1. Yes, I tried creativity in a car and it didn't work very well. I ended up jumping out to take photos because my drawing turned out more than a bit messy. Incoherent, actually.

    here is my AEDM check in.

  2. Ya -- I know what you mean, Julie!

    Lovely photo of the high tea:)

  3. I took my pencils for a 700km round trip this weekend. Not a doodle to show for it! Lol!
    Love your Hope. :)


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