Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Every Day - Day 1

While it couldn't come at a worse time in terms of craziness of life, Art Every Day Month couldn't come at a better time in terms of craziness of life! I'm not going to stress over doing art every day; I'm going to use it to de-stress. If there are days I don't get any art done this month -- that's OK. But I sure am going to enjoy doing what I do! :)

I was so keen to get started, that I began a day early! I've been noticing the changing trees lately, and trying to make use of my observational skills. I never seem to have my sketchbook with me when I'm out in front of a tree, though, so I drew this tree from the details I tried to imprint on my memory while I was sitting for a moment studying a tree that had almost lost all its leaves:

Of course, it doesn't capture what I saw, but that's OK. I actually wish I'd had some paint with me when I was studying that tree. It was night time, and the sky had that distinct fall heaviness to it, the clouds weighted with winter on its way.

When I was tired of trying to improve my fall tree, I moved on to playing with designs for other kinds of trees. I don't know what it is with me and trees these days -- I'm just fascintated by the different ways they can be prepresented in art.

Then I tried some blind contour drawings:

I apologize for the lousy photo quality of these pix!

I've decided that on the days I'm not inspired to do something different this month, I will  use Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab book to accomplish my art every day. I'm a little uptight about doing things in order, but I may have to let that go and just do the ones that are convenient for any given day. So here is Lab 3, entitled, "My Pet Project." I didn't pay attention to the instructions when I was drawing Caspian draped on the arm chair -- I wasn't supposed to go for any details. The goal was to draw your pet in action with loose sketches, but the lazy beast was just hanging out. Of course he left before I could get too much done anyway. The drawing in the bottom left corner is an attempt to capture Nikita grooming her tummy. Ya. Not so much.

Have any of you decided to join me and the others doing Art Every Day? I do hope so! I look forward to seeing what others are up to!

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