Saturday, November 13, 2010

Creative Food Sources

OK, so this is NOT about our family's creavitivy -- it's about the creativity of a family of oranutans at the zoo where we visited today. Below you'll see Puppe (really, that's her name -- wait for it!) carrying a bucket of water with her teeth. After drinking from the bucket . . .

She looked for a special little "plop" she'd seen earlier -- yes, a hunk of "poopie" . . .

She took that hunk of poop and started washing it in the bucket of water -- squishing it between her fingers as her friend looked on in anticipation:

Before long, she was left with a handful of undigested seeds -- which they both proceeded to eat -- again!

While the adults were enjoying this little mid-afternoon snack, the little ones were having their own creatively acquired munchies. That little guy facing us was using his buddies toe nails to pick his own nose -- and eating the harvest!!!! Ewwwww all around!

We left that exhibit feeling not-so-hungry ourselves. But nearby, we got to feel some of Puppe's very own hair:

And we had a traditional photo shoot with the children sitting on the orangutan statue outside the pavillion:

Do you have any good stories of creative food sources -- human or otherwise?

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