Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gratitude Challenge November 1-5

A few weeks ago I determined to participate in a Gratitude Challenge with Brenda Emmett for the month of November -- and promptly forgot about it! So, I have five days to catch up on in this post ;) Shouldn't be hard, though!

November 1 - I am thankful for Sunnybrook Hospital, and the caring medical staff there. I spent most of the month of October as a patient there, and I felt very well-cared for -- physically, emotionally, and even spiritually (the chaplain visited several times, and made a point of personally inviting everyone on the floor to the weekly tea time. He also made himself available for any of our spiritual needs.) I have been impressed by the staff's interest in the whole person -- as evidenced by the fact that the oncology pharmacist wrote away to a world-renowned pop star on behalf of one of the patients, and that musical icon, in turn, sent her a t-shirt and some dvds! Even the cleaning staff takes extra special care of the patients! (I'm thinking of how thoroughly my Art Lady cleaned my whole area when she was called to simply clean up a spill that was attracting dirt.)  I feel very blessed to be receiving top-notch medical treatment (with a team approach) in a clean, comfortable environment.

November 2 - I am thankful for my awesome husband. He is no ordinary guy. He's kind, creative, romantic, spiritually sensitive, insightful, funny, self-less, and incredibly hard-working. He has been a solid rock for our family, running hither and yon to ensure that everyone is well-taken-care-of and that life is as "normal" as possible for everyone while our world is turned upside down by my cancer diagnosis and treatments. Truly, he's the best husband and father a woman could dream of being married to -- just look at him:

I can't imagine doing life without him, and am so grateful God brought him into my life so early (grade 8). I am so blessed by my beloved!

November 3 - I am thankful for an amazing church family. Every once in a while we think about moving -- going somewhere far away where the pace of life might be a little slower, less demanding. But then we think about the fact that we'd have to leave our church peeps behind -- and suddenly the thought of moving is not so appealing. We have an awesome, Spirit-led pastoral staff (with equally wonderful wives!) and a fabulous congregation of people who do life together in a rich and real way. I love them all!

November 4 - While I'm not "happy" to have cancer, I'm grateful for the opportunity it is giving me to reflect on life and my faith -- and to share my testimony of how God is working in my life. (I'm doing that here, if you're interested in reading about our faith journey through cancer.) I'm also grateful for the way it has revealed how much people care about me and my family. It feels so good to be overwhelmed by LOVE! 

November 5 - I'm thankful for sunny fall days. I missed most of October, but these crisp, bright days full of fall foliage are some of my favourite days of the year. They make me happy to be alive! 

What are you thankful for today?

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