Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art Every Day - November 5, 2011

So art every day has been a little bit unattainable -- but I saw this cute idea at Art Projects for Kids and since DD9 had some friends over today -- and it looked simple -- I thought we'd try it. It took (me especially!) a lot longer than I anticipated, but we all enjoyed the basic drawing and colouring activity. There's something soothing about applying colour to paper with markers. 

Here is DD9's cat:

Her 9-year-old friend's:

And her 7-year-old friend's:

And mine:

Any thoughts on what we might do with these cute kitties? 


  1. These kitties have great style! Looks like fun--I love coloring...crayons, markers, doesn't matter--very soothing, like you said. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. These are really cute! I love children's art - so full of joy, as is yours!!

  3. I think you should frame them all, and put them in dd9's room. So cute and colorful.

  4. Print them on T-shirts! Tote-bags! Greeting cards! They are so cute and happy.

  5. Oh, I love all of those ideas! Thank you both!


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