Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Word Art Wednesday - March 7, 2012

I love that Word Art Wednesday keeps me actively engaging in art every week! This week's text is a quote from Mother Teresa:

Often it is faithfulness in little things that builds our strength. The first image that came to my mind was a wall -- brick upon brick -- or stone upon stone -- each bound to the other with the mortar of faith and perseverance. Each piece in and of itself is not substantial -- but bound together, they form a safe barrier, a wall of protection. The principle can be applied to so many aspects of life -- habits, finances, health, exercise, character development . . .

As my mind is drawn to spring, I also found myself thinking about how this quotation applies to a bird building a nest. Each piece of the nest is insignificant and weak on its own -- but packed together with persistent effort and attention, the twigs, feathers, strands of grass, and grains of mud unite to form a safe refuge from the elements. The bird, faithful in collecting small bits of virtual nothingness, builds a strong nest that will protect her and her offspring from wind, rain, sun, and storm. That image is what I set out to depict in this week's art  (the background is another from my The Artistic Mother stash):

Can you think of other applications of this quotation in life?

If you'd like to make a piece of art with this quotation, pick it up at Word Art Wednesday's Challenge # 18. Link up there with your art using any scripture or inspirational quotation, and you could win something from this week's sponsor, Whimsy Stamps, a "family owned art stamp company dedicated to providing crafters around the world with whimsical and fun rubber and digital stamp designs."


  1. Beautiful creation for this verse. It is just perfect, piece by piece.

  2. Beautiful, brilliant color! I love the silhouette.

  3. Beautiful, vibrant background, Paula--thank you for allowing me to join you this month for the Word Art Wednesday challenges!


  4. Great interpretation of the saying! Beautiful piece of art.

  5. As always-I'm blown away by your colors and application of scripture. Love your talent!

  6. And again.... beautiful art piece. And I love your explanation of the bird and his nest. You have a gift of really vision things and put it onto paper.

    Have a blessed weekend!


  7. Xinme, this piece is just beautiful. I love the bird and the colors. A great saying from Mother Teresa with many applications in life. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting...and more importantly, thanks for staying connected. May the Lord bless your day with peace, joy and a sense of His loving presence.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  8. Following you now in both spots. Hope you'll do the same on mine.

  9. Paula, this is so pretty. I love how you capture the beauty from within. Thank you for sharing.


Sincere responses . . .

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