Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Word Art Wednesday - February 29, 2012

As seems to be the case every week, the scripture for this week's Word Art Wednesday is just so apropos:

As I work toward wellness on this cancer journey, I'm finding myself more and more inclined to praise God, and to tell of the marvelous things He has done. When I do so, I am filled with joy -- because of Him. It's amazing what an attitude of gratitude does to inspire a song in one's soul!

When I looked at this week's word art (above), the shape reminded me of a lyre, so I wanted to incorporate one into my art. I also wanted a woman in there. The end result is not exactly what I envisioned originally -- but this is what emerged when I began drawing around the word art:

Nicecrane Designs is this week's Word Art Wednesday sponsor, so if you decide to link up a piece of your art that has a scripture or encouraging text on it, you might just win a little something! I do hope you'll join us!


  1. This is so pretty Paula and the Word art does look like a lyre. Your drawing of the lady is beautiful and thank you for sharing your heart. Being able to praise Him is such a wonderful gift. You are right when we praise Him it brings such joy into our hearts and lives.

  2. I like how you incorperated the lyre into the picture! Very nice.

  3. What a beautiful creation for this wonderful verse.

  4. Marvelous Paula! Love that lyre on the girl.


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