Saturday, February 4, 2012


Clone*Mart -- Where Clones Buy Stuff

DS13, Lego lover that he is, created "Clone*Mart -- Where Clones Buy Stuff" (to be read with a British accent):

This is the dude that buys EVERYTHING. "Every store has one." The guy with the bag is buying soap. Just soap.

Silver mannequin. 
Personally, I'm rather glad there's no Clone*Mart in my neighbourhood! But I'm grateful DS13 is using his imagination and taking delight in his creations.

Not to be outdone, after I posted this, DS5 created his own "store" -- complete with a pool that has bombs in it. Nice.

Notice the body parts floating in the bomb-embedded pool. Apparently someone blew up. 

Boy brains. I don't understand them :{

I'm not liking the violent imagery -- but I AM enjoying the peaceful play in which my boys are engaging together! 


  1. how wonderful! two boys using their imaginations, love the clone mart idea. the blown up parts in the pool while kind of disturbing is really imaginative. boys will be boys! visiting from ced :)

  2. *clone-mart*... hehehehee... i think it's great! Love the body parts in the pool... hilarious. (if they're still making this stuff when they're 25, THEN you can worry) :-) I have a son who's going to be 16 tomorrow - so i know about disturbing lego setups. LOL!!

  3. This is fabulous...can't wait to show my ds when he gets home. His boy brain will totally love it :-D


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