Monday, March 26, 2012

Eastering up the Eggs

At Easter time, I'm always on the look-out for interesting ways to make eggs pretty. Last night I was inspired by this post, so while I was cleaning up the kitchen, I boiled some eggs and mixed up some simple dyes --  water (just under a cup for each colour), food colouring (enough to make the water dark), and vinegar (about a tablespoon per colour) in three mugs. After the eggs were boiled, I cracked the shells a bit and put two in three different mugs. Then I poured the dyes I had mixed into the mugs. I stuck them in the fridge thinking they could colour over night and be for breakfast in the morning. 

Not sure what's up with that oily film in the pink dye!

The results were lovely, as you can see! It took all of about five minutes to add this extra touch of prettiness to a simple, nutritious snack.

The blue and green look similar in the picture, but the blue was most striking and lovely!

And now I have these lovely coloured shells with which to try THIS little project

Have you any simple but lovely traditions involving Easter eggs?

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