Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Hospital Art

I was really tired today, but restless, and I figured my Art Lady might return from her day off tomorrow and ask me if I'd done anything so that I could at least "have something" -- so I did these:

I felt like playing with pastels, and this image of (kinda) me holding up my hands before the bright light of the Holy Spirit was stuck in my head -- so I went with that. It kinda reminds me of the painting that I did last year -- "This Life was Meant to Shine." Totally different significance, though very similar concept of imagery.  

As you can see, I was multi-tasking. Great set-up, don't you think? Home office/art studio -- all on a hospital bed table! 

I still felt like playing, and wanted to draw a tree for some reason -- but wasn't sure how to go about making one that, well, I would like. I looked for some images online to inspire me and decided to go with some basic birch trees. I liked the idea of them standing bright in the pitch black night. The caption is "Brightness in the black of night" -- sorry for the lousy photography! 

Are there any images that speak to you in some way these days?


  1. Love your choice of colours.


  2. I love how you are expressing yourself through art, Paula. You're very creative and your work is beautiful, inspiring, and fun!

  3. These are amazing. I love the final one... very stirring....

    Looking forward to experiencing Art Every Day Month with you. You have inspired me.

  4. Your birch trees reminded me how powerful black and white can be - I am usually reaching for loud clashing colors lately.

  5. My answer to your question is ~ your image of reaching up has inspired me. I can feel the warmth and energy of the Holy Spirit reigning down (pun intended). Thank you for blessing me today.

  6. I found you through AEDM, and I'm very inspired by your artwork and story. I read back over some of your earlier posts and see that you're dealing with a very difficult diagnosis. But your artwork speaks of your positive spirit and faith. I love the first piece - radiating light, energy and hope. Please come and visit my blog, too. I'll be praying for you.

  7. I love your picture. I just linked over from Brenda's gratitude challenge when I saw your blog name and am encouraged to see such joy evident throughout your posts. I'm continuing to pray for you.

  8. Thank you so much for all your kind words, everyone!


Sincere responses . . .

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