Monday, October 24, 2011

Throwing Anonymity to the Wind

When I started this blog, I thought it was prudent to be fairly anonymous. You know -- it's the internet and all. But as my involvement in online activities has spread, it has been more of a challenge to be known in cyberspace simply as "xinme" -- which stands for "Christ in me." And since I value all my readers and "cyber friends," it has pained me not to be able to keep up lately with this special space I've come to love. So, at the suggestion of my almost-teen son, I'm throwing anonymity to the wind and inviting you all to visit with our family over at our CaringBridge site. Yes, it's a medical update site -- but it has miraculously become so much more than that! Real names, real people, and a REAL GOD doing awesome things in and through people. Both my husband and I are journaling there -- writing from the heart about this cancer journey and what it means to us all physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Creator in us has never been more evident :) Perhaps you'd like to join us there?

I am currently writing to you from the hospital (which DH and friends have helped to make as homey as possible!). In a few hours I will be given a dose of highly toxic Methotrexate -- and then tomorrow (I think) they will start to clean that back out of me. I'll be here for at least three days. But I brought my Art to Go case with me this time -- so maybe I'll have something to post here soon after all! :)

Blessings on you all! 


  1. Xinme~I KNOW that our God, our MIGHTY Lord, is with you and your family. I pray that you continue to feel His presence in every touch of your doctors and nurses. Love this blog and will follow you on your cancer journey, keeping you in my prayers. June

  2. Thank you, June :) We do very much feel His presence working in and through us. It's awesome! :)

  3. I wondered about bringing you something to do 'art-wise'! :) But I didn't know if you were feeling energetic enough ... and where to begin with picking something out!?! :) I'm glad you have a portable art-kit! Brilliant!

  4. Paula, I've enjoyed popping in on your blog quite often, though I am not as good about commenting as I should be. Thank you for letting us know what is going on. I'll be praying for you, both for your physical and mental health.


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