Monday, October 24, 2011

Hospital Art

Well, I wasn't sure I'd be inspired to actually create some art today -- but I opened my Art to Go case and started pulling things out anyway. I took a quick look at an art journaling book my Mom gave me for my birthday, and decided I'd do something along those lines. The prompt that caught my eye was about gratitude -- totally up my alley these days. But the collage images (from old calendars) that I had on hand were of cats. Having experienced a wonderful woman I call The Cat Lady here in the hospital, I knew my journal page was going to have to be about her! (You can read about her antics on my CaringBridge website if you're interested.)  

Here is the result of my play (sorry the bottom of the picture is a bit over-exposed, making it a blur of white):

While I was working, a lady named Hilde came around emptying the garbage. When she saw my art supplies spread out, she began to ask questions about what I was painting -- and I got all embarrassed about my lack of artistic expertise. She examined some of the calendar paintings and made intelligent observations about them -- and I felt even more artistically challenged. It turns out that she had taken care of the last living member of the Group of Seven,  A.J. Casson! She said he always told her "You need to learn to draw before you can paint." We chatted some more about preferences in art -- she loves nature as a subject, but there must be a building of some sort in the painting -- and she encouraged me in what I described as my art therapy. She said, "If you don't do anything, you will have nothing! Just do something!"

So, I did something :) 

Have you done "something" lately -- even though you didn't know what you were setting out to do?


  1. I love this!

    The words, the thoughts, the images. You are gifted, and a gift, my friend.

    Love and healing to you and my thoughts and prayers also envolved your darling "cat lady" as well. Thank you so much for the introduction.

    Katrina (from TOS)

  2. I often set out to do something...and it changes into something else...but often I just want to do something.
    I know creating in the hospital isn't fun. I've been there...more often than I'd like to remember.

    that's one reason I draw with ink now most of the time. it's hard to pain in bed...isn't it?

    love the kitty eyes, and relaxing. Cat Lady is beautiful.

  3. This is so inspiring. Just goes to show that 'art' can be created anywhere!!!

  4. Thank you, Wendy and Marcie :)

    Yes, Wendy, it is a little tricky to paint in bed. I had a bit of an "incident" with the red paint tube, and I noticed later that there's a bit of paint on my bed sheet. Oops! Good thing it's just watercolour ;)(The staff'll probably assume it's blood and think nothing of it ;)

    I just wanted to make sure you all know that I DIDN'T PAINT THE KITTIES -- I just collaged them from an old art calendar. Maybe one day I'll be able to paint like that -- but apparently I'll have to learn to draw first ;)


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