Sunday, May 8, 2011

Top to Tote

So -- I was gifted this top that was kinda fun but really didn't fit or suit me as a top. Sew -- ;) I sewed  across the bottom, knotted the sleeves . . .

. . . used those hanger-string-thingys on the top to create a bit of shape . . .

. . . and made myself a new little tote bag:

Not bad for 10 minutes work, eh?!?!?

While I was doing that, DD9 and DS4 wanted to paint rocks -- so that's what they did :)

And DD13 was industrious in the kitchen making this yummy-looking baked brie with strawberry jam and dijon mustard:

Have you found any new uses for old clothes -- or rocks? :)

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  1. As concerning the tote bag ~ NICE!


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