Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Musings on the Creator in Me

Favourite Homeschooling Resource

This week at HSB we are asked to share our favourite homeschool product(s). Hmmmmmm . . . with a good decade under my belt, it's hard to choose! BUT, I think I can safely say that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is my favourite resource.


No really -- I'm not just saying that because I'm writing this post for TOS and the HSB community. Quite honestly, I resisted subscribing to the magazine for a while because, well, so many of the homeschooling resources available are American, and I wanted to draw on as many Canadian resources as possible. But I finally "let" ;) my mother give me a subscription for Christmas one year -- and now I wouldn't dream of letting my subscription expire! I love The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! (Oh, and my mom has come to love it, too! She reads all my back issues:)

I know it has become true of other magazines in recent years, but one of the things I first fell in love with was the interactive nature of TOS. Virtually every article has a means of contacting the author -- and those authors actually respond to readers who write to them. I just think that's so awesome! The real people who write the fabulous articles actually engage with their readers :) I like the fact that they are accessible and that they truly desire to support fellow homeschoolers in their journeys. And since TOS has created the HSB community, and a facebook community, I feel like I have a cheering section virtually all over the world. When discouragement sets in, I know that there are real people out there who will turn my eyes to Truth -- even though most of them don't know me personally.

I also like the fact that TOS offers all kinds of resources between issues -- like the Homeschool Minute and Teacher's Toolbox and Econobusters and the Homeschool Crew Reviews. Four issues per year doesn't seem like a lot -- but when the issues are supplemented by these great resources, it seems like the magazine just keeps on giving and giving! (Oh -- and then there are the digital holiday issues!)

Finally, TOS is a homeschooling resource that meets a variety of needs. First and foremost, it offers encouragement to homeschooling families. It acknowledges the hard aspects of the journey, offering wise council and helpful resources, and it celebrates the victories. It also provides thought-provoking information and opportunities for further learning -- for parents and children. Even its advertising is helpful and inspirational as I seek to find innovative and creative ways to expand my children's education.

As I said -- I love TOS and am grateful for the opportunities for personal growth and friendship it has given me, as well as the educational tools it has provided. I can't think of another homeschooling product that has given me as much! (BTW -- TOS is celebrating its 10th anniversary! If you'd like to see what other people have to say about this great magazine, visit this blog hop.)

What about you -- do you have any favourite homeschooling resources/products?


  1. I love how you put it: "I feel like I have a cheering section virtually all over the world." This is so true! Great post.

  2. Thanks, Heather :) For me, some of those friends have become RT friends! I got to spend two weekends in a row with my friend and First Mate on the TOS Crew, Shannon Ratcliffe -- and we both got to meet Heidi Strawser at a conference in PA! I love all my new cyber and RT friends that have come through TOS :)


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