Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Robert Pierre - Music Review

I'm pleased to have the opportunity to give my personal response to the work of a young artist new on the music scene: Robert Pierre. A hip, happenin', and handsome young man of 18 who just graduated from high school this month, Robert Pierre has won me over! His music is energetic and fun, but his message is the Truth our culture needs.

I listened to four of Robert's songs which are available for free (yes, even to download!) at NoiseTrade: "Jesus," "You Hold Me Now," "Identity," and "Breaking My Heart." I like them all! I can most relate to the lyrics of "Jesus,"  especially the chorus:

So even when I stumble and my world is torn apartThere is One who's holding my heart

Any desperate dayOne Word I can prayAll I know to sayJesus

Screaming from my soulI'm giving up controlThe only Hope I knowJesus 

That so describes some of my days!

Robert's music is in tune with youth culture, but it is also solidly based on the Rock that is not moved by the tide of modern media. His lyrics are clear and easily decipherable, but they are also meaningful and worthy of attention. His song "Identity" offers a glimpse of the challenges faced by youth today -- but in a way that takes a stand against the washing away of traditional values. "Breaking My Heart" gives testimony of how hard that stand can be, but acknowledges the value of the pain of God having His way in our hearts. "You Hold Me Now" reminds us of the hope of glory we have in Christ for the future -- but also for our "now."

Would I purchase Robert Pierre's CD when it comes out? I would! I enjoy his music myself and would be thrilled to have my own teens embrace his songs. He's a kid on the cusp of manhood but he has a message the world needs to hear.

You can check him out on facebook  or his website. I don't think you'll be disappointed :)

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