Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Musings on the Creator in Me

End of School Year Traditions

For someone who is so stoked about creating family traditions, I'm embarrassed by our lack of end-of-school-year traditions!!!! Only two basic things come to mind: 1) we attend the fun-fair at my husband's school and 2) we sometimes celebrate by going out for dinner (though even that tradition has waned over the years because of the expense). Somehow, we have reached a point where our school years just kind of fizzle out . . .

How sad is that?!?!? We must make an effort to change that!

I decided to Google (don't you love how that's a verb now?:) the topic, and here are some interesting ideas that I found -- though I have to say that there were remarkably few out there:

  • Angela of Secrets of a Super Mommy creates a cool gallery of work from the school year.
  • Cristin of Serendipity created a banner with which her family adorns their back yard fence to remind them to cherish summer memories.
  • Krystal of Our Crazy Bunch serves dessert for dinner.

That's it! Outside of the typical pool or pizza party, that's all that I could find worth mentioning!
So here is a challenge for you: Will  you  help by commenting about some of YOUR creative end-of-school-year traditions?

Note: I have only skimmed it myself, but I thought this this free e-book of family traditions and rituals might be of interest to some of you. It is multi-cultural and multi-faithed with dozens of ideas for making family memories. You can pick and choose what you like.

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