Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Musings on the Creator in Me

Creative Ways to be Wise Stewards

The theme at HSB this week is recycling and stewardship of God's creation. I've gotta say -- that's become a favourite challenge of mine these last few years ;) It only makes sense that we would try to make good use of the resources we have, and avoid waste. I'm sure you all have lots of great ideas for re-using and re-purposing things -- and I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.

What I thought I would do today is highlight some of the ways our family has found to recycle or find a new purpose for things that otherwise might have been discarded -- in hopes that it might spark your own creativity to find ways to be wise stewards of what we have been given. The links will take you to the spots on my blog where I've gone into greater detail about these fun little recycling projects. At the end of the post, you'll find some links to a few other blogs with lots of great ideas!

Turn "garbage" into something useful or lovely.

Burlap rice bags can be turned into nifty totes or lunch bags:

The vinyl from a broken and irreparable chair can also be used for a tote bag (just don't try ironing it!!!!):

Junk mail flyers can become special occasion cards:

Toilet tissue tubes can become nifty note holders:

Game pieces -- such as a broken set of dominoes -- can be turned into necklaces, pins, and decorative tiles:

Old encyclopedias and books that no one will likely ever read again can become works of art or journals and even lamps:

Ceiling medallions can be centerpieces, and ugly candlesticks can be given new life with a bit of paint:

Old art work makes wonderful wrapping paper and elements for new art:

Re-Purpose items to make them serve a different function in a unique way.

Old books -- and even old eye glasses -- can become part of your decor:

Yikes! I missed the cobweb in real life! Do you see it?!?!?

 A bed can become a bench -- which can then become a dusty, cluttered book shelf! (Just bein' real here!)

Hooks added to a table brace make an interesting coat rack:

And more of the same table can become a base for a cupboard unit (still need to make a curtain for concealing the extra storage area):

Paned window frames make lovely picture frames:

And they can be a funky addition to outdoor decor (My cousin suggested painting it red -- and I love that idea!):

Other sources of ideas:

Some of my favourite websites for re-purposing and creative frugality include:
Funky Junk Interiors
Censational Girl
Nesting Place
Little Birdie Secrets

Interestingly enough, I also came upon another of Amanda Soule's books at the library the other day and it was appropriately titled, Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures.

So -- what are some of your ideas? Please share! You can put a link in the comments if you wish :)

 **** NB: All items with an internal link to another detailed post are my projects. The bench, hooks, unit stand, and window picture frame are those of my talented husband :) This post is linked at:


  1. Wow - you have some FABULOUS ideas here! Love it!

  2. You are very creative!!! Love those recycle bag for going to the store. But my fav is the window frame!

  3. Thanks, Valencia ;) The window frame was actually my husband's wonderous work :)


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