Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Art 2011

It's customary for us to do some special art projects around Easter time, so when I recently won a cool Easter art DVD from my friend Shannon's blog, Mom Loves Books, I was very excited!

I am under NO obligation to review it -- I just thought I'd share with you my impressions of it and some of our creative work that has stemmed from watching it. We started with the illustrated story of Easter -- prepared to try one of the art lessons after:

The lesson was very well delivered by artist Jim Pence. I especially liked the fact that the split screen enabled us to see both the "big picture" of what the instructor was doing, but also a close-up of what he was demonstrating:

I also liked the fact that while the artist was showing us how to do something, he also kept emphasizing that it was our own piece of art that we were doing, and we could do it the way we wanted -- fun being the key point.

While the DVD specified that the art lessons were for children 6+, my DS4 thoroughly enjoyed participating, and did a fine job of following the instructions.

Here is DS12's finished product (minus the fluorescent crayon work -- because we don't have said crayons -- nor a black light to show them up):

DS4's work:

DD9's (she didn't want to pose with hers ;):

And mine:

Ya -- they all look pretty much the same, but the children learned that drawing/colouring with permanent markers enables you to add other media (including wet ones) on top without destroying the picture -- and we all learned some strategies about how to use water colours effectively.

What tickled me at the end was that DS4 noticed the paint around where he'd been working and declared even that pretty! I love that he sees beauty even in unintentional laying down of colour!

Right now, we're off to try another lesson from the DVD -- one using chalk pastels. It's a medium I've never tried -- so it should be a fun learning experience :)

Have you tried any new creative activities lately?

What are you doing to keep the cross -- and the victory that came afterwards -- the focus of this Easter season?


Sincere responses . . .

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