Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Birthday Tea Party

My Sweet, Sweet Petunia turned 9 yesterday:

She wanted to celebrate with her friends by having another tea party. So, for take-away gifts, she and her brother planted flowers in teacups (from "VV Boutique" -- aka Value Village):

And we filled little baskets with tea, collector teaspoons and fancy neckware ;)

We played "tea" games -- like "What's missing on the tea tray?" and Musical Teapots (since there wasn't room for so many chairs ;)

And of course we did some art! I was just going to have them paint tea related things with water colour paints, but my friend Shannon  showed me a cool idea she'd recently learned -- the girls drew or stencilled  a picture using permanent markers, then painted a rainbow of watercolour over top so that the colours blended into each other beautifully. The marker pictures popped behind the paint. Easy -- but lovely!

Lemonade tea (basically iced tea), sandwiches, veggies and fruit, and cake and cupcakes completed the event!


  1. What a beautiful birthday party. I bet the girls had a wonderful time and that your daughter will always remember her 9th birthday.

  2. Thanks, Tequitia :) I appreciate your stopping by and commenting!

  3. Oh my, Tali-Wag looks so beautiful and is growing up so fast. ~Foo

  4. I know, eh?! ;)Thanks for stopping by, Foo :)


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