Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Identity" Tag Book

Inspired by my cyber friend Daphne's work, I spent some time chillin' this week making some functional art out of . . . (drum roll, please!) . . . toilet paper tubes. We like to find creative ways to encourage our children to reflect on life, so I made this interactive book for my daughter during the wee hours of some nights I couldn't sleep anyway. Each little book/pocket has several tags on which she can finish the sentences, "I am . . ." -- "I have . . ." -- "I believe . . . " -- and "I will . . . ."

I decorated the backs of the pockets, too, as well as some of the tags.

Below is the rest of the double-tagged booklet above entitled "A Loving Family." Gotta love the GQ poses ;)

Have you found any creative uses for toilet paper tubes??????

More importantly, can you suggest some creative ways to get children reflecting about their lives?

I think I've said it before -- I'D LOVE TO HEAR YOUR IDEAS! :) Comment below, or email me at xinme2bcreative @ yahoo dot ca.


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  2. Hi Paula,
    You have done a fabulous job with your tagbook. The colours are wonderfully bright, and all those oh so cute tags; I love it, and am sure your daughter will too.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comments.

  3. I like your TP tube book! I made one awhile back too, you can see it on my blog if you are interested.


  4. Paula,
    These are just fabulous! I totally "lost" the fact they were TP tubes - ha! I love the colors and fancy trimmings, and the quotes are wonderful. What a thoughtful way to encourage and support your daughter. Great work! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Thank you for your kind words, ladies :)

    C'est Magnifique -- yours is lovely, too. I especially like the way you bound it -- gives it a very professional look:)

  6. Oh, how fun this looks!

    The bright colors and papers, and the fibers and images and quotes just make such a wonderful whole!

  7. One word... WOW!!!!
    I've never thought of using toilet paper rolls as a book. I've used them for binoculars, telescopes, treat holders, and "phones", but never thought of this. Love this idea.
    Oh, and I agree with Darrelyn, I never would have guessed these were toilet paper rolls if you hadn't mentioned it.

  8. Glad you like them, Julie and Victoria -- they were lots of fun to make:) Thanks for all the other neat ideas, Victoria!

  9. Yes ! It's really a good use of toilet paper tube !

    With children I use them as "Indians"

    We draw an indian an his feathers on
    a paper an roll it over the tube, then paste

    it's difficult to figure out what the "flat" indian will be in "round"
    so that's the point

  10. Thanks for another good idea, Scylliane :)

  11. What a GREAT idea this is--and one we'd never run out of!
    No need to buy envelopes for my Altered books anymore--just use your idea--Toilet Paper rolls!!!
    Recyle--using your resources wisely--one of the Girl Scout Laws!
    Hugs, Nola (Yahoo Altered Books group)

  12. I'm glad you were inspired, Nola! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

    Your cards are lovely, BTW :) I'm just starting to improve my stash of stamps (no SU ones yet). I don't know why SU would retire one as pretty as that swirly one you said retired in Aug. '08 -- it's so classic!


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