Monday, May 24, 2010

How Sweet It Is

This morning I descended the stairs to be greeted by the delicious aroma of these:

My beloved had brewed the coffee and baked these tea biscuits from scratch. (I have the BEST husband!)

What special little things do your loved ones do that make you smile and feel loved?


  1. special things to make them feel loved, this it the daily question isn't it!
    But with Maggie, anything involving paint and glue makes her feel loved IF I sit with her to do it.
    For Daniel, it requires me sweating outdoors. Today it was an hour of killer badminton.
    For Helen, anything that puts the two of us alone is like filling her tank with fuel. Michael just wants to talk or do a project together, Audrey wants to shop (or talk about photography), and David has a future he's planning and he wants to plan it out loud.
    For all of them, they just want me to join them in their world.
    Oh, I think I just highjacked your blog. Sorry Paula!

  2. Don't be sorry, Missy -- I love your comments! Thanks for stopping by:)


Sincere responses . . .

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