Saturday, May 1, 2010


Isn't it wonderful when friends inspire each other? The other day, while our children were attending a gym class, my friend Susie pulled out a little sketch pad and said, "See what you've inspired me to do, Paula? I've had this sketch book for years, but I just put it in my purse so I could use it at times like this." She then proceeded to sketch an adorable little picture of my DS3 as he played with her son.

Isn't this awesome?

It thrills me to know that she has been inspired by me and this blog -- that's exactly what I want to happen! I'm recording my own creative journey in hopes that the creative drive will be awakened in others. And seeing Susie's sweet sketch inspires ME to keep being creative -- and to keep working at my sketching and finding ways to let the Master Artist live through me.

I love the ripple effect, too . . . Because Susie has been inspired to use her artistic skills more, she has shown her children some drawing techniques. In turn, her son's drawing skills have taken off! How cool is that?!?

What inspires you to be creative? How might you inspire others to tap into their creativity? Think about it -- and let me know :)

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