Friday, January 21, 2011

Polly Pocket Lilliputians -- And Dragon Dreams

Next week we will be celebrating the world of reading with a book fair in the company of some fellow homeschooling friends. DD8 has been very engaged in her study of Gulliver's Travels (an abridged version). We've read the book together several times, made a pictoral timeline (to help her in her narration), and created a model of a scene (her favourite part!). Here is a little glimpse of Lilliput, when Gulliver wakes up to find himself bound and staked to the ground, surrounded by tiny people:

Poor Gulliver!

 (HA! I just noticed that it looks like there's a dead bird on the grass in the foreground! LOL)

DS12 convinced us that the Lilliputians really needed a way to get up and down over those rocks. We figured it could also be a look-out perch to watch for those Blefescuans ;)

As I write this now -- she's in bed listening to Jim Weiss's rendition of the same story -- for the second time through :) I think this story has really captured her imagination! We'll have to try the unabridged version next!

 On another note, the other day I came upon this contemplative dragon sitting on our Learning Lab table. He looked to me like he was plotting a little take-over of Nova Scotia, and then maybe Newfoundland ;) Sometimes it makes me smile to see random toys lying around . . .

Has anything captured your imagination lately?


  1. Why, thank you, Steve -- and thanks for following mine:)

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