Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Imaginary Creatures

I completed a couple more imaginary creatures. "Baby Bump Bliss" is still my favourite, I think because she was so much fun to create -- but here are her friends, Boo Boo and Stella:

Did he startle you? ;)

I don't know why my snail lady is named Stella -- I tried her out with "Shelly," but it just didn't stick.

Have you had any fun with art lately? It doesn't have to be perfect to be fun!


  1. Love the name Stella too! It is what we are naming our little girl and I hear it is making a come back! If we ever do find ourselves yelling at her (don't worry we're not yellers) S-T-E-L-L-A we'll probably end up cracking up because it will sound like that movie street car named desire!

  2. Yes, Erica -- I think part of the reason I tried to avoid calling her Stella was because I thought I remembered you saying that was the name you'd chosen, and I didn't want to offend by calling my silly critter by the same name, especially when I'd made it clear I was thinkin' about you while I made the first one! But I couldn't remember for sure, and it's all a figment of the imagination anyway ;) It's a lovely name, even when Marlon Brando is screeching it :)

  3. My goodness Paula, you should write a column for a paper!! You give the reader things to think about instead of just telling them stuff. :) I may not have worded that well, but you know what I mean! Well done, little Sister! :)
    Love, Judy

  4. Well, my sweet sister -- I do write a weekly column for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's company blog ( -- and who knows what this year might bring . . .;)

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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