Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Drawing Lab Work

As I'm able to snatch bits of time, I continue to work through Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists, in no particular order. As I pulled out my sketch book last night, I realized that I hadn't shared my "Eyes Only" page. The task was to sketch in pencil four eyes as identical as possible, then use different media to embellish them -- lead pencil, black ink pen, charcoal, and coloured pencil. Here are the results:

Last night I had the opportunity to work on Lab 8, "Imaginary Creatures," which involved making random strokes of water colour in red, blue, and yellow, then using a black micron pen to define the lines of an imaginary creature that became "visible" when you looked at the random marks, and layering with more watercolour and vine charcoal. I started three, but only had time to finish one, which I entitled, "Baby Bump Bliss." As I had fun creating it, I thought about two ladies that have inspired me -- cyber friends, if you will -- Leah  and Erica -- both of whom are expecting their first child. So, as I played I also prayed for them and their baby bumps. I hope they both get a little smile from my imaginary creature :)

I've never used vine charcoal before, and didn't really know what to do with it, so I just did a bit of shading around the edges. I really don't know much about shading, though . . . Any words of wisdom about that?

I was actually pleasantly surprised at how fun this activity was. I expected to have a really hard time "seeing" anything in my random markings, cuz I'm not much of a visionary. But I got quite a kick out of creating this happy, little critter.

Have you had any fun with your imagination lately?


  1. Paula, I love both of the drawings above. I draw eyes all of the time (not as detailed as yours). I checked out this site on doodling, because I doodle eyes and crosses, believe it or not. Here's what one of them said:
    "eyes mean you want to be seen and heard (as well as being a sign of possible paranoia), crosses are frequently drawn by those who feel in need of protection..." Go figure, I need to be seen, heard, and protected!

  2. Thanks for the prayers and the baby bump bliss drawing! I love it! So imaginative! Everything is going great with our baby girl so far. . . only about 5 weeks till we meet the little one. Thanks for all the positive thoughts!

  3. Daphne -- thank you :)I can't say I draw eyes a lot, but I am drawn (ha!) to studying them a bit. I like taking note of how other people draw them. And crosses -- I love them -- so I guess I'm right there with you needing to be seen, heard, and protected!

    Erica -- I'm glad you liked it:) Looking forward to seeing pix of your little lady!

  4. I love the bend of your top lashes, there is just something about them I had to stare at.

    Your prego dino got me laughing, what a fun little character!

  5. Thank you, B. I just took a quick look at the doll with the purple dress you made for your daughter, and I noticed that HER eyelashes were quite lovely, too!


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