Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Poem

I'm still enjoying making use of my prayer/poetry journal . . .

Response to Matthew 14

How often have I cried for fear
as I was tossed in one of life's storms?
When I had a glimpse of you in the midst,
and you said, "Be of good cheer; it is I;
be not afraid,"
did I walk forth on the waves
and sink in my unbelief?
I did. And I do.
And I cry out,
"Lord, save me!" still.
For I am afraid I will drown
while wishing sometimes I would
so the storms would end for good.
But You steady my ship with Your presence;
You inhabit this vessel,
and I, too, worship you saying,
"Of a truth, thou art the Son of God."

Again I ask -- have you tried writing a poem lately? It doesn't have to be profound or even particularly literary. Try it -- it's fun! And if you think you "can't" -- check this out: I Can.

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