Monday, July 2, 2012

Faith Art Journal Spread - "my self"

I have been having a blast watching art journal videos and playing in my art journals (I have three going now -- my Joy Journal Project, my Faith Journal, and just a "play" journal.) 

This spread about how I feel -- like my self again (not "a whole new person") -- having lost 90lbs (last year) was inspired by Claudine Hellmuth's "poppets" :

My poppet makes me smile :) She has a little more "shape" than Claudine Hellmuth's ladies do -- but that feature was important to me in this spread given the subject matter ;) The photo of my head was from the photo shoot of my head-shaving party  when we all got silly with wigs and feather boas. (My sister made the awesome video, and my friend Helen took all the fun pictures.) 

I feel like the spread needs some more layers, but I'm just not sure how to go about adding them. So for now, it's done. Any suggestions?


  1. Oh Paula, this is just so beautiful. I just watched the video with a big BIG smile on my face! Though it's not a fun time to be in, you all seen to have a blast. Like you make it like having a party. You are so blessed!!

    And love to see how you start art journaling again.

    Love you!



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