Sunday, July 8, 2012

Art for a Purpose

The day that I was admitted for this round of chemo, three teens from the town where I used to live were in a horrible crash near the northern town where my dad used to live. One died on the scene; the other two were air-lifted to the hospital I am in and have been in critical care here since. My heart has really been dwelling on their families. So, I decided to use the little bits of arty stuff I brought to the hospital to play with to make some cards for the families of the girls that are here in the hospital. 

I had some pages from some old books, some paint and stamps, and a couple of extra copies of verses from my Word Art Wednesday work. 

And I used some larger pages to make envelopes. 

Not your typical "Thinking of You" cards -- but I hope they convey the message that these folks are being thought of and prayed for as they suffer such a difficult trial. 

I talked to my husband again about the incredible impact my pretty blankets and other lovelies in my room have had on my well-being while I'm in the hospital, and he heard my heart for these girls. On his way to visit, he picked up some beautiful blankets to grace the beds of these girls while they recover. DH and DD14 took the blankets and cards up to the ICU and delivered them to the families, who seemed appreciative. Our hope is that they will bring some beauty and warmth to help them heal. 

Have you discovered any ways to bless people who are in hospital? Besides flowers, what are some ways that we can bring beauty and warmth and love to people who are trying to heal in an institutional setting? 


  1. oh gosh, I am so sorry to hear this news.... I will be praying for the families of those in the accident.

    I take all of my extra cards that I have made and put them in a special basket. I have left it at my oncologist's office back in our chemo treatment area for all of the other chemo patients to go through and take what they like. I can't sew a lick, but this way I can pass along a little something to other people who are going through the same things I am. I have friends who also send me cards to add to the basket, sometimes with little trinkets or goodies included.

    it isn't the same as helping those who are in the hospital, but hopefully it does help those who are facing this cancer monster, too.

    I pray for you every day! :)

  2. That's a great idea, Jennifer! Hand made cards are lovely -- and every bit of beauty makes a difference :)

    Thank you so much for your prayers!!! They make the MOST difference :)

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift you are giving them. I'm sure they will need every drop of prayer and concern.


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