Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

We're not the Hallmark variety of Valentine's Day celebrators -- but we do take every opportunity to make family memories and celebrate life and love and all that good stuff that makes the years slip by more sweetly. This year, I purchased a few "little somethings" for each child from the dollar store (no toys!) and wrapped them with brown paper and yarn. In our stamp stash we had a cute "I Love You" stamp, but I didn't have a heart stamp that I thought should accompany the words.

Soooo, I made one with a bit of cardboard and one of these foam shapes which have been kicking around for about a decade:

Now I want to make all kinds of them!!!! But that will have to wait.

For DH, I went a little cheesy and made a love message board . . .

As I've seen several places online, I painted a cookie sheet black, then distressed it a bit, added some ribbon, some scrapbook paper, a little decal -- and voila! The magnetic words were in the Valentine's section at the dollar store and inspired the little project:

The extra words are stored on the back:

There's one glaring one that will be discarded -- did you see it?????

Oh, and I also made him this little card -- cuz those card companies ain't gettin' my cash:

We have a tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day with home-made, heart-shaped pizzas. I have to say, this year they turned out beautifully!  ;-) Seriously -- the children especially loved them, and though they were the size of their heads, only the boys had a bit of a hard time finishing them!

Of course, part of the fun of preparing for the meal is setting the table. Because pizza is pretty casual, I didn't want to get too fancy -- but I did want it to be elegant. I decided I wanted white candlestick holders to match the dishes -- but I didn't have any and couldn't find any at Value Village. So -- I painted these:

DH thought it a little scandalous that I dared to paint glass Party Lite holders -- but come on -- they're probably 15 years old, and let's face it -- they're pretty ho-hum. Besides -- I'm sure the paint will scrape/wash off ;) The tall ones were wood and I did a lousy job of spray painting them -- but they served my purpose well enough. I was quite pleased with how they looked on the table, if not on close examination.

Now here was my stroke of genius . . . DH had picked up a white ceiling medalion from freecycle a few weeks ago, and it still sat in the living room where he'd put it upon his return home. Well, I glanced at it and decided it would make an awesome base for a centerpiece! Do you not agree????

AND, may I point out, DO notice how the beading around the medallion complements the beading around the painted glass candle holders!!!!

How serendipitous is that?????? (Remember -- don't look too closely at the paint job on the candle holder!)

And I added some red tassles to the vase -- just cuz I had them and wanted to use them and I didn't quite know how to do so ;)

Here are some other little details of the table setting . . . (I had to go with fake flowers because I couldn't bring myself to pay the jacked-up prices for fresh!):

So -- that's another memory made:) The surprise of the evening was that gameboy-DS12 gave his little brother FOUR of his Wii games as an expression of his love! Wow! We need to read 1 Corinthians 13 more often! (We read it this morning during devotions and were all convicted about the ways we fail to show love on a regular basis.) DS4 didn't clue in that they were DS12's actual games -- he kept saying, "Hey -- I have the same game as you!" 'Twas thrilling to see DS12 coaching him in the games after dinner . . .

Do you have any special Valentine's traditions? Even if you don't buy into the Hallmark money-grab, do you celebrate Love in any special way?

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  1. What wonderful memories you are creating! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you, Linda -- and thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Oh Paula.....Maggie is here looking over my shoulder at your lovely celebration...... BEGGING me to bring her to your house, saying "Oh it's just a party house. We have to go there!"
    It's all so beautiful and sweet and such great cement for you family.
    Thank you for sharing your great ideas.

  4. Miss Maggy is welcome here any time!!!! We'll have to have a party -- just to have a party! :) Perhaps a tea party! That would be fun:) Talia and I will have to hatch a plan ;)

  5. Everything is just gorgeous and you all look like you had fun.

  6. Howdy neighbour! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog. I love the look of the pizza...yum! We are close to Sarnia, not far from Lake Huron.

  7. Thanks for stopping by Donnie and Diane :) Diane -- OK -- only sorta neighbours -- a few lakes over ;)


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