Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bad Blogger

I feel like I've been a bad blogger of late because I've mostly only been posting my Monday Musings. That is not to say that I have not been creative -- I have a couple of things on the go, and am looking forward to sharing them with you once they're done -- and they've been given as gifts ;)

In the meantime, I was flipping through my prayer/poetry journal and decided there were a couple of poems I could share with you. They're not polished pieces -- just personal responses to my scripture readings.

Matthew 16
The cross I bear
is sometimes hard
to distinguish
from the burden I bear
in the flesh.
My self-sacrifice
is not always
the cross I should carry.
Help me, Lord, to distinguish
between good things
and the Right Things
that You would have me do.

Matthew 17
I find it comical
how you told Peter
to go catch a fish
and in its mouth
would be a coin
to pay his and your
tributes to Caesar.
And yet that is just like you,
isn't it? You meet our needs
in the most creative of ways.
Put me on the look-out, Lord,
for the unexpected ways
you meet my moment-by-moment
needs. Send me fishing
if you will!
And may I model Your
everyday miracles
in the way I meet the needs
of my family.
May I not lack that grain of faith,
as the disciples did,
and miss opportunitites to
minister to the people
in my life
that need a miracle.

(Note: If you want a cute idea for creating a visual for this story, see here.)

Have you engaged in any creative responses to your readings lately? Remember -- it doesn't have to be fancy or perfect!


  1. I've missed your writing... :o)

    Sometimes life get busy though, but we're always here waiting to read when you're ready to write.


  2. Thanks, Shannon ;)

    Gotta get working on my first HH article!!!!!

  3. We all have those those times.

    I am stopping by from the Blog Walk.

    I know I am behind, but I am catching up.

    I am already following you.

    Would love a follow back, if you are not already.

    Thanks. Have a great day.


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