Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Dragonflies!

A few posts ago I mentioned that my dear friend Susan asked me to make some coasters and dragonflies (like the ones I'd given her) for her to give as a Christmas gift (my first commissioned art work!:). I already posted some pictures of the new coasters, but I thought I would share the outcome of my latest dragonfly creativity. Not knowing quite how to display or package them, I decided to use some live evergreen boughs. The dragonfly clips kind of got lost in the greenery, so I added some gold ribbon to set them off a bit. Here they are:

Now -- any thoughts on how these dragonflies, which are made from electrical alligator clips, might be used?


  1. I'm a freak for dragonflies. These are so cute! I'd glue them on a clothespin and use them for Christmas tree decorations, or glue pin backs on them for brooches, or hang them as pendants on necklaces, or glue them to hair clips, or even to bookmarks! Or maybe put them on wine class charms, or glue them on a stake to put in a potted plant as flower pot decoration.

  2. Actually, Phyl, because they are on alligator clips, they could just clip to most of the things you suggested. Thanks for the great ideas!!!!

  3. ok - these are awesome - great creations

  4. Thanks, dthaase ;)

    Phyl -- I ended up wiring one to a lapel type pin. It turned out great!

  5. put a magnet on them and use the clip to hold photos on the fridge.


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