Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Musings on the Creator in Me

Is the snow falling where you live? We've had a fair bit of the fluffy stuff, and the cold, dark days have got me feeling more and more inclined to burrow with a book, cozy and comfortable with just sitting. Being.

One of the books my hand reached for recently was Mark Buchanan's The Rest of God,  a text I've picked up often over the last year or so, but have never finished (so many books -- so little time!). And it got me thinking about seasons, and creativity, and rest.

The winter season is the time that animals are slowing down, their bodies resting and restoring strength for the more active seasons of spring and summer.

Title: Mother black bear and cubs, hibernating
Taken by: National Park Service
Uploaded by: Tim1357 from Wikimedia Commons
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Branches bare, unburdened by the toil of keeping leaves alive, plants also go into rest mode.

And I find myself thinking that this season of winter has a purpose:

If God, after 6 days of Creation, took time to rest, should we not recognize our need to pause, peacefully, and be restored? Creativity and productivity are good. But they sap strength. God, the Giver of Great Gifts -- the Giver of the Greatest Gift that we celebrate this season -- calls us to quiet:

How will you ensure that your body, mind, and spirit have time to rest this season?

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