Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Creativity

So today my little ladybug (DD8) and I decided to do some Christmas crafting. Inspired by these PeachParlor table top decorations, we used some cardboard thread spools, fabric strips, and buttons to create these:

 My purple one looks a little tipsy. Wrapping the long length of fabric meant that the loops weren't tight, so it looks a little, well, loopy.

I'm saying that this one is "vintage" because I used ribbon and stuff that has been around for decades upon decades, I'm sure.

This button bonanza one is DD8's. It really is cute as a button ;)

After we'd cleaned up, my friend for whom I'd made these coasters and dragonflies called and asked if I could make some more for her to give as a gift. What a compliment! I set right to work and made the coasters, finishing up by making a few of these Christmasy ones:

I like the green and red ink for the season, but I'm still partial to the brown on the marble as in the originals.

Now to get on to the dragonflies!

I'm always on the look-out for home made gift ideas. Have you made any Christmas gifts this year?


  1. Paula, I really like the decorations you and the kids made. They are very creative and cute.


Sincere responses . . .

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