Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Because We Could

I just realized that I forgot to post about our first day of school!

Here's the hip, happenin' 8th grader who doesn't especially like having her picture taken anymore:

We have a tradition of going somewhere special when all the public school people are heading indoors to class-- just because we can : -) This year we decided to visit the zoo. Here are a few of the highlights . . .

In the "caves" that mimic the homes of the ground hogs above:

In the interactive/play area:

One of the silly little monkeys at the zoo:

In the petting zoo area:

Can you find the froggy?

My favourite part -- watching a mama gorilla nursing her baby:

This looks like it could be the daddy . . . suffering from a headache:

A traditional photo spot:

Do you have any favourite "back to school" traditions or memories? How do/did you and your family make the day special?

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