Friday, September 24, 2010

A Creative Day

I didn't set out for it to be so, but today turned into a rather creative day . . .

It started with DD8 catching a good picture of our golden doodle, Caspian. I recently rearranged our Learning Lab and moved a rarely used armchair in there for a comfortable reading spot. He seems to think it was put there for his lounging pleasure. He's not generally allowed on the furniture -- but how can you shoo such a comfortable cutie off?

With the littles, I've been using a wonderful curriculum called Five In A Row (no, this is not a review or a solicited plug!), and this week we're reading . . .

In the story, the main character (historical figure/artist, Charlie M. Russell) makes little animals out of beeswax. So, since I'm a bit of a hoarder at heart, I thought I'd pull out my stash of beeswax bits . . .

And we tried our hand at making our own animals (after I warmed the wax a bit in the microwave -- a luxury Mr. Russell didn't have. I know working it would have helped develop their finger muscles, but they were a little discouraged by the hardness of the wax):

Here we have DD8's snake, my piggy,  and DS3's -- ummm -- turtle:

It was tricky work, so we really got a good appreciation of Mr. Russell's art. But our hands smelled nice afterwards! (I love the smell of beeswax.) As I've mentioned before, the finished product isn't always what's important -- but enjoying the process is, and this was kinda fun.

Later, DS11 asked if he could make cookies. I'm thrilled that he's taking an interest in food preparation (he made supper TWICE this week!), so I gave him the good-to-go-ahead.

Do you notice anything unusual about that picture????

Our newly acquired kitty, Nikita, decided she needed to supervise the endeavours.

I'm not big on kitties in the kitchen (as in climbing on counters and such), but I did get a kick out of this.

Anyway, here is the proud boy with his almost-made cookies:

And here is the yummy finished product:

I love it when creativity is spontaneous!

Have you had any spontaneous creativity lately? How about letting it happen today?!


  1. I loved waking up to your comment this morning! Great to have a new friend in the blogger world who makes me think. Look forward to checking out your blog updates in the future. Your cat is a riot by the way!

  2. OK, I'm smiling about your kitty. My cat, now a middle-aged 8 year old, used to get on top of our corner cabinet where there was a basket, by way of jumping on the fridge, then the cabinet tops, then traversing the curtain rod to get to the corner where the basket resided. (It wasn't originally intended as a cat basket, but I couldn't keep her out so I put a blanket in there and left it for her,and got a different basket for bread!) But when she walked the curtain rod, she made me so nervous that she was going to ruin my curtains and fall into the sink that my hubby put a 2X4 on between the cabinets on top of the window for her to use as a catwalk. We took it down about a year ago, because nowadays she does the jump clean from the counter to the cabinet top (so she doesn't need to traverse the window), and still tries to fit her body into the kitten-sized basket. Sometimes she just pushes the basket over the edge or squeezes in behind it, and gives us dirty looks from above. So funny!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and contributing to the conversation!

  3. Thanks for following, Erica -- and Phyl, I love your kitty story! It reminds me of a cat I had as a child who used to walk across our balcony railing -- 16 floors up!!!!

    Thank you both for getting the conversation going on your blogs :) Besides giving food for thought, you both offer so many great art ideas and I look forward to trying some of them with my children!


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