Saturday, September 18, 2010

Altered Book - September 2010 Challenge

Amazing -- I'm finished the Altered Books September challenge before the end of the month! The challenge was to use the theme "School Days" and incorporate a pocket with something interesting in it.

As I rummaged for inspiration and materials to incorporate, I found myself drawn to medieval images and colours schemes. I won't go into detail about all my selections -- I'll show you the spread first, then tell you about the significant features . . .

The images are just ones that tickled my fancy from an old art calendar. The sonnet is a copy of one I studied in high school and university, so it has a bunch of my notes written on it. The required pocket is in the bottom right corner, secured by ribbons through pierced holes (oh, and one staple because the first hole tore!)

In the pocket is a special holographic/hologram bookmark . . . But first, the "boring" side:

On the other side, we have children reading a medieval story together:

But turn the bookmark slightly, and suddenly they're IN the story!

Cool, eh? Here's a glimpse of both holograms at the same time:

How fun is that? I knew I'd hung onto those school agenda covers (for YEARS!) for a reason!

While I'm here, I thought I would show you another version of our tree art that DD8 did today with a couple of her friends. We did it "right" this time and used acrylic paint for the leaves. It turned out so much better than the paint dabbers!

Have you done anything creative today?


  1. Very nice Paula, I really like your medieval spirit and the use of the numbers and letters scattered across the page. Hope you have a nice Sunday. Our church day is already over. We are 8 hours earlier from CST.
    in Ukraine

  2. Thank you, Colleen :)

    Yes -- it's time to get ready for church :)

  3. Great job Paula! I love everything about it - especially the theme of ongoing education. As Colleen said, great colors. The bookmark is cool by itself! Really creative.

  4. Oh, I love this one! I adore the quote about Learner 4 Life! My philosophy, exactly. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Thanks, Tricia -- our homeschool is actually called "Learners for Life Academy" :)I just checked out your blog -- nice to meet you, fellow hser:)

  6. Darrelyn -- thank you for your encouragement:) I thought the bookmark was kinda fun, too:)

  7. Wonderful spread. I like the letters and numbers scattered all over-- fun use of the hologram and perfect for this theme (I love it when things like that work out!)

  8. Thank you, Nathalie :) I just visited your blog and am inspired to do some work with beeswax and screening :)

  9. Hi, I introduced myself to you back in August when you joined the Christian Paper Artists yahoo group and when I visited your blog. Just thought I would visit again. I love your autumn tree art and will keep it in mind as inspiration in the next few weeks. Our homeschool is just getting under way. I especially liked your altered book for the September challenge. Medieval learning and education was exceptional and makes a good subject for current art. I love the rich colors. More inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I will be back. :-)


  10. Thank you, Deb -- and thanks for following me here at C2BC :)I hope your academic year is off to a great start!

  11. I forgot to ask, what Altered Book Challenge do you participate in? I just added some "holding on to summer" art at my altered heART works but I'm looking for ideas and inspiration in addition to yours for our autumn projects... :-)

  12. Deb -- I'm in the altered books yahoo group ( which apparently gave "birth" to the Christian Paper Artists group a few years back. Every month they have an altered book challenge, and group members are very encouraging and inspirational. If I'm not mistaken, my altered book above is currently featured on the home page :)

    I look forward to checking out your recent posts!

  13. Thank you, I look forward to checking out the group this week end. I haven't done anything with altering books but it's on my list for future projects. :-) Blessings
    altered heART works

  14. I just discovered your altered book posts, WOW! I'm currently doing an altered book project with my 6th graders. Would it be ok if I showed them some images from your blog? I think it could really spark some cool ideas. I'm still a novice at the process, though I love attacking it with my students.

  15. By all means, Phyl -- I'd be honoured and flattered and all that nice stuff :)Thanks for asking!


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