Friday, August 20, 2010

One Crafty Crew

I think it's week six of The Artistic Mother that shows how to make a cute little "art reminder" ornament with balsa wood, paint, paper, stamps, and beads. I've never worked with balsa wood before -- but I sure will again. It's just a bit stiffer/sturdier than styrofoam, so it's really easy to cut it into any desired shape. I wish I'd had a better variety of beads to work with, but for the little bit of time and effort this quick project took, I'm pleased to hang this by my desk as a little reminder of what I should do each day:)

While I was busy with my little ornament, DD8 was busy painting this:
I love that she enjoys being creative with me.

It wasn't quite enough of an outlet for her, though, so I decided to help my keen little artist with a "stained glass" sculpture I saw over at the Frugal Family Fun Blog. Both boys decided they'd like to join in, as well.

The finished creations are bendable and fun to play with:

Somehow the pictures of DS11 and his creation have disappeared (how does that happen?!?!?), but when he was done, he spied the wire I'd been working with on my ornament and went and created this guy:

So, as summer slips quietly into that foul, four letter "f" word (once it's here, I don't mind it so much, but I hate thinking about the end of summer and vacation . . .), we've been busily creative.

How about you? How have you been spending these last few days of summer? Have you been working some creativity into these dying days of heat and humidity?


  1. That looks like so much fun!! We start school next week here. I hate to see it end also. We thought we would have a whole cd recorded and mixed, but we are 3 for 10 at this point, so we'll keep on doing that through the fall. Maybe by Christmas?!?!

  2. Yes, Anita -- I always have the feeling that everything has to be done BEFORE September -- but things still get done on the other side of summer. You may not be doing any recording, but you're sure doing a fabulous job of keeping your home beautiful, and inspiring the rest of us while you're at it!

    Thank you so much for stopping by :)


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