Friday, June 1, 2012

One-Eyed Monster

I had the urge to pull out my Drawing Lab book the other day, and settled on the task of creating a one-eyed monster according to one of the challenges. Who says monsters must be ugly? :)

As per the instructions, I started with a permanent pen, drawing a single eye and working from there. I must have chickens on the brain or something, because it turned out to look much like a pretty chicken -- or at least that's what DS5 says. (He also wondered why I scribbled all over the head and tail. They're not scribbles, they're villi, child! They help make my monster a monster ;)  I coloured with watercolour pencils, and then blended with water. I don't like working with watercolour pencils because they don't really look like watercolours -- but they're transportable and easy to work with even if the results aren't stellar. 

As I was creating the monster, I found myself wondering, "Why bother? What's the point of using my valuable time making a useless little monster?" I'm not sure I have a good answer. It's an exercise in creativity. It's a way of using my hands productively during moments of inactivity -- like supervising children at the park or waiting for an appointment. It's developing my drawing skills. (Well, sorta.) And I guess it's just plain old fun :) 

What pretty monsters do you have in your life? Do you ever create anything just for fun?

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  1. Hi Paula, thank you for touching base with me and visiting my blog. I am sorry I haven't stayed more in touch. I really like this piece, this little "monster" is beautiful, the colors are so vibrant. Great job.

    I hope you're doing well. HUGS


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