Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pass It Forward Art

A few months ago, a friend posted a creative challenge on her facebook status. The idea was that she would make something for the first five people who commented on her status, and they, in turn, would make the challenge their status and create something for their first five commenters -- and so on, and so on, and so on . . . 

Well, it took me a while -- and it has taken even longer for me to post here about it (mostly because I also took so long to mail them, and wanted the recipients to receive them before I posted) -- but I finally came up with something for the three people that committed to the challenge. While I was at it, I created one for a friend that I found myself thinking about as I created the others -- so the result was four creations -- and then something created from those four creations. 

Here are the original four creations -- oil pastel drawings on painted sewing patterns glued to flat canvases -- completed with bible verses chosen specifically for the recipients, and also to complement the pictures:

I actually created this one while having one of my chemo treatments back in March. I am quite certain the nurses thought I was strange -- drawing a picture of a random chicken! But my friend loves chickens -- so it was the perfect image for her :) And this chicken has attitude -- it's not being "chicken" -- so the verse is perfect both for my brave friend and the courageous chicken!

The friend this one was created for likes to walk outdoors and also loves to sing. She lives in the city where trees are not always easy to see, so I thought I'd draw one for her to have in her home. 

The friend for which I made this loves animals -- she has two cats and two dogs. I fashioned this kitty after the mixed media one I made a few years ago found here:  . I thought the verse complemented the cat's big eyes nicely :)
This was the "bonus" picture. My friend and I both like birds -- and the verse has special significance for the two of us .

The metallic gold pastel and spritzed spray paint with which each of the pictures is highlighted do not show up well in the pictures, but I like how they look in real life. 

Because I have a tendency to appreciate functional art, I decided to go a step farther and create stationary from the mixed media pieces. I was quite tickled with how they turned out, though the scanner bed doesn't show them off very well.  (A big thank you to my DH who did the actual printing for me.)

A couple of you have participated in a challenge I issued here a few months back. Your little slices of creativity will be off to you soon, I promise! (Phyl, yours is just waiting for me to make it to the post office!)

Have you participated in any creative challenges lately? Why not give it a try?! 


  1. Oooh I'm so excited! These are all so lovely, a unique & clever use of materials; and I LOVE that you made them into stationary - I'm with you about functional art!

    Meanwhile, I haven't finished my "pay it forward" but they are definitely in progress. I hope my recipients are patient.

  2. Pauls, you have truly outdone yourself! These are GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE ALL OF THEM. I thank God for you & the talent he has blessed you with.
    I'm praying for you & your continued struggle with your health. Our God is bigger than anything and we are more than a conqueror with God by our side!!

  3. These are fantastic, love the texture and adorable images.

  4. Paula, these are beautiful!!!! The recipients are going to be so blessed by them. I can feel your heart and soul in each piece of art. Your creativity is trully a gift from God!!

  5. These are amazing!! You have such a wonderful handwriting...and caring spirit. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous works of art from your heart!


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