Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Word Art Wednesday

Word Art Wednesday

One of my new cyber friends, Cassandra, recently started a meme called Word Art Wednesday. The challenge is to create a piece of art that incorporates scripture or some encouraging text.  I've wanted to participate for a while, but haven't quite felt up to it physically. But this afternoon my DD14 asked me to come into the art room and be creative with her. That was an invitation I could not refuse (it was such a delightful one!). So we sat together and bounced ideas off of each other as we worked. 

Our family has been thinking a lot about Peace lately -- our need for it, and the too-oft feeling that it is lacking in our household. The reality is that it is not lacking because Peace is a Person -- Jesus --  who lives in us if we are followers of Christ. The problem is that we too often fail to let Him reign in our lives, for “the Lord of Peace Himself gives His peace at all times, and in every situation” (2 Thess. 3:16). We just need to claim it! (Often easier said than done, I know.)

So I created this little piece of art. I'm not super fond of the results, but at least I did something ;)

I have a stash of these library catalogue cards, and I was thinking they might make a good starting point for establishing a regular Word Art Wednesday creative effort. They're small enough to be fairly quick, but big enough to provide space for some artiness and text. 

While I created my little WAW piece, DD14 decorated headbands with feathers. Aren't they pretty? (I somehow missed photographing the third one on the head. Oh well!)

Perhaps you'd like to take up the Word Art Wednesday challenge, too?


  1. Hi Paula, this is beautiful and I love that image. I'm so happy you and your daughter spent the day making art, such a great time of bonding.

    Thank you for sharing this at my challenge blog.
    Have a great day!

  2. Dear Paula,,,,,congratulations for playing at Word Art Wednesday Challenge and woww you win my funny gift,,,,,,,,I sponsoring the challenge, so take a look to my blog/store and CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCT FROM ALL MY STUFF FOR FREE......I´ll send you a direct link to download it.

    And.....CONGRATULATIONS..........Yopu have a new friend......

  3. Thank you, Igancio and Cassandra!


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