Monday, December 12, 2011

Hospital Art - yet another piece

Well, an unfortunate infection in my PICC line (which has since been removed) has landed me in the hospital yet again. This time, instead of lamenting the weight of my art-to-go kit, my dh encouraged me to bring it :) 

Interestingly enough, we both had some creative inspiration last week while we sat at this very hospital for an outpatient appointment. He imagined writing a symphony using the notes of an IV monitor alarm (I told him it might make me and other patients scream in horror. That sounds curdles my blood now ;) 

I envisioned a piece of art in which I was holding my husband's face, looking into his eyes, with the words of the hymn "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" written around the picture. At first I wondered if that was sacrilege. But then I realized that if we are to be Jesus to others, to let Him live through us, then it made absolute sense that I could look into my believing husband's eyes, the man who is Love to me, the one who meets my day-to-day needs in a real and physical way, and see Jesus. As if to confirm what I'd been thinking, the pastor spoke on Sunday about the times we pray for others. When we pray that Jesus meet the needs of our neighbour, we should be going out there and helping to meet the need. When we pray that He comfort someone in their loss, we should be offering them comfort ourselves. The Spirit of Jesus is in us, and we are His hands and feet . . . 

So this is the drawing I did based on my "vision." I really think I should stick to mixed-media collage, but maybe one day I'll learn how to draw ;)

Have you had any visions of art you'd like to create? Have you tried to make them real? How did they turn out?

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