Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Musings on the Creator in Me

A Place of Peace

A while ago, I wrote about the place in our home where we can go to meet Peace during the emotional storms of life. For the little people in our home especially, it has been a place to sit and settle the big feelings that sometimes overwhelm us all.

In the summer, our front porch becomes my Place of Peace. It's where I go to read my bible, write in my prayer journal, and chill with individual family members. On a sunny morning, it's the perfect place for prayer and quiet reflection.

In the evenings, with the addition of a small lamp and lit candles, it is the perfect place for a bedtime read-aloud or a a quiet chat over tea.

My husband and I (and the furry beast) spend the last half hour of virtually every day here, relishing the presence of Peace before we retire for the night.

I know we don't need a special spot to find Peace because He dwells within us -- but sometimes having a particular place to go enhances our ability to feel the Truth of Peace's presence.

Do you have a special spot? Where is it? How do you make it the perfect place to meet Peace? Please share in the comments and give links if you have pictures of your Place of Peace.


  1. Well, color me jealous! Haha but really, what a beautiful place to sit and reflect and pray! I would love to have a nook like this someday.

  2. Your porch looks both welcoming and relaxing. Kudos!

  3. Thanks, LainyArt and nwscrapmom :)


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