Thursday, June 9, 2011

Re-Purposed Salt/Pepper Shakers and Votive Holders

We recently received some cute little salt and pepper shakers -- probably rather vintage -- but the tops were all broken and discoloured. They were adorable, though -- so I found the perfect new use for them:

And DS4 came into the house bearing this pretty hydrangea bloom that he'd picked for me, so I stuck it in the closest vessel at hand -- a votive holder:

I love having fresh flowers around the house!

Oh -- and if you're wondering about all the folds in the cloth on the table -- I pulled a never-used "bridge set" from its ancient package and put it right on the table because the little embroidered flowers matched nicely with the decor. The four little napkins that accompanied it were folded so uniquely!  I will likely never use the set to play bridge -- but I love it for making my table pretty :) (Though it would look better without those creases ;)

Have you found a new use for anything lately -- something that you don't have to alter in the least, but are able to infuse with new life and purpose?

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